GRUNTo eSPORTS is a Veteran owned organization comprised of active duty and retired military gamers as well as patriotic civilian gamers. We are a close knit group of friends who share a love of country, and competitive video games. We currently have a few teams competing in several different PUBG competitions and are looking to expand our horizon to other competitive games and tournaments. If you are a veteran gamer and have ever wanted to try out competitive gaming, you have come to the right place. On this website you will be able to view rosters, player profiles, video highlights, competition achievements, contact info, sponsors, and much more.

By 2020, the eSport scene will be a billion dollar industry. If you have interest in eSports competitions, be it as a competitive gamer, sponsor, fan, or business partner, then check out our Contact Us page, we may have a place for you within the org. It’s not just a hobby anymore, its a solid business model and if it is something you have been pondering yourself, then let us bring you into this new and exciting scene through our site. Check it out and see for yourself what Team GRUNTo eSPORTS has to offer.

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