Our Sponsors

Here is a list of companies that have in some form or another helped GRUNTo eSPoRTS become what it is today.  Whether that be through hard work, financial contributions, hardware/software, or other services, we are happy to have each and everyone of them as a part of the team.  Please consider helping us out by helping them out.  Our featured SPONSOR changes regularly so check back from time to time to get exclusive discounts.

Featured Sponsor

The business that started it all for GRUNTo eSPoRTs.  With a dream and an opportunity, our esports organization was born and is now flourishing.  The team owes a great gratitude to Grunto Apparel for allowing us to compete on a higher level. Grunto Apparel is an infantry inspired apparel line designed by veterans for those who are proud patriots.  Made 100% in the USA, Grunto Apparel is backed by American guaranteed quality.

Additional Sponsors

Overlay’d is a stream branding service offering premium custom graphics, design, and animations for streamers.  We provide a variety of stream designs from basic affordable packages that include stream overlays, Twitch panels, and a Twitch banner to fully featured packages that include Twitch branding and more. Whether you are looking for logo design, simple stream alerts, and an offline screen or premium animated alerts/animated overlays, check out Overlay’D.
JerkyPro was officially established late 2015 by military/paramilitary veterans who pride themselves in the structuring of the business. We do not promote or prefer one target audience over another. We are actively engaged in xGames, eSports, MMA, competitive motorsports, and military efforts. Bottom line we cater to anyone and everyone that loves JERKY!
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